Team Resources

First, the good news – you are part of the most ‘rad’ cycling teams in the Midwest!

We have witnessed you riding, smiling and enjoying yourself on your bike. And possible off of your bike but still near enough to a bike to allow for the spandex we saw you wearing in public. We think that you will find yourself quite at home on Team Hungry and will, in general, be a better human for being on the Team.

Member Benefits:

  • Free Team Casual Wear
  • Continous Support
  • Awesome People to Ride With
  • Campus Cyclery will provide Parts, Bike, Frame Kit and Service discount to all members.
  • Racing on one of the most fun teams around!
  • Sponsor Discounts; Free Beer, Febreze in Wash, Boyd Wheels, FSI grips, Donnelly tyres, and more… Details early 2019.

Joining the Team:

Purchase clothing – at least 1 full kit, you can do that here

2019 Team Roster – Add your info
Please Update your Contact Info

2019 Sponsor Package – get us sponsors
If you know a business, philanthropist, or just want to send us money.

Hungry, Rides, Races, and Routes – Join our Facebook Group
Facebook Group – Top Secret – Members Only

Slack Channel – Join our slack channel
it’d be *really* cool if we could use Slack for team communication

2018 Hungry Operating Docs – Needs Update:

Join our mailing list (this is fading away) Main communication on Facebook and hopefully slack –!forum/team-hungry-cycling

  • Be an active member.
  • Volunteer at our Events. The cycling community is based on volunteerism.
  • Rep our sponsors. They give us moneys – you give them honor!
  • Participate on a team committee.
  • Participate in Racing events of any discipline
  • Having massive amounts of fun!
  • We are thrilled to have you onboard and let’s face it – this is the best offer you are going to get ☺